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Profiles In Coolness: The Steve McQueen Submariner...

The Complete History Of The Steve McQueen Submariner
[Part 1 of 4]

...Profiles In Coolness...

The King Of Cool
Celebrating Steve McQueen's 80th Birthday
An Amazing Life with a Rolex Submariner Keeping His Time

Maybe it's true that the good die young? If Steve McQueen were alive today, he would be 81. Let's take a look at The King Of Cool and learn more about what made him tick.

Also, it's a coincidence that Steve McQueen's 80th birthday coincides with Rolex introducing the all-new Rolex Supercase Submariner at BaselWorld 2010 in Switzerland, so I thought it would be fitting to examine one of the coolest guys that ever wore a Submariner as his personal watch.

This article is broken up into two sections. The first section explores photos of Steve McQueen wearing his trademark stainless steel Rolex Submariner [Reference 5512], and the second section explores his iconic and timeless style.

"I Live for myself and I answer to nobody." –Steve McQueen

Let's face reality for a moment. Steve McQueen is probably the coolest gut that ever lived!!!

One of Steve's girlfriends, Ali MacGraw once said of Steve McQueen:

"I remember seeing him across the swimming pool and my knees were knocking. He radiated such macho energy!!! Men wanted to be like him. Uptight society ladies and biker molls wanted to be with him."

The photo below was taken from the famous Steve Mcqueen movie named Bullitt. It was taken on the streets of San Francisco where he was rockin' an Army Green Ford Mustang Fastback muscle car which is pretty tight!!!

The Hunter

Steve McQueen is pictured below wearing a stainless steel Rolex Submariner and this image is from his movie titled "The Hunter." It also appears that there are only two lines of text on the bottom of the watch where the watch has the Submariner designation as well as the depth rating. This would mean that he is likely wearing a Rolex Submariner Reference 5513, as apposed to his Rolex Submariner Reference 5512 he also wore earlier in his career.


Marrk said...

I remember that Sports Ill. cover, even though I do not read S.I.

5512 was an interesting choice for the coolest man in history. You would think a racer would opt for a chronograph, as did P. Newman.

Anybody know: Was the 5512 not marketed in U.S.? I have heard that it was mostly available in the UK market.

Great job, Jake, as always.

Charlie said...

Jake, If you want some more shots of Steve McQueen wearing various Rolex watches (yes, he owned more than a 5512), I have some I will gladly share with you.

Joey said...

Great post!!! I love his style.

Tricia girl :) said...


kelconcoo said...

Brilliant piece, as are the others too...

I thought it should be mentioned that the King of cool was left handed... Which could explain why he wore his rolex on the right...

Looks like he was born cool!!

(Robert Redford is left handed too)

Keep up the good work.